Friday, December 19, 2008

The Many Adventures of Glorious Garlic

Yeah, so I have this weakness for garlic. It has a bad reputation and is an underappreciated spice in our culture. Plus, it enters the bloodstream and causes bad breath from within, so you can’t pretend like you didn’t eat it.

A couple weeks ago I was caught sniffing Aunt Karen’s jar of minced garlic. I was forced to fess up: “Garlic makes everything better. Except fried eggs. And maybe ice cream.”
But even that is questionable. Someone already beat me to the garlic ice cream.

It’s also good on the roads this time of year. It has a very Hollywood-festive warm-fuzzie community service feel to it. I’m just waiting to hear that someone was run over as they were licking the pavement. But on the plus side, any road kill will be pre-seasoned with a salt rub.

1 comment:

Jek said...

I must admit that I am one who underappreciates garlic. But now I guess I'll have to give it another chance.

And thanks for reminding me that all my roadkill is preseaoned now. Makes things a lot easier cooking wise.